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Best Card Game Apps of 2013, Hidden Gems

You have to dig pretty deep to find some of the best games.  Just how hidden were these gems back in 2013?  They were so hidden they didn’t even exist!  But if they didn’t exist back in 2013, how did they make it onto a “Top Card Games for 2013” list?  The only possible explanation is that the AI in the game is so smart that it created a time machine to go back in time and promote itself!  Wow!  Amazing!

Super Sevens
Download Super Sevens for Android on the Amazon Appstore
Maybe “The Merciless” AI should change its name to “The Master of Space and Time”?  If you couldn’t beat it in 2013, just think how much smarter it is in 2015!




Simple Sevens

Download Simple Sevens for free on the App Store
Back in 2013, Simple Sevens recently just added a new “Super Button” the other day.  (Uh… this time warp stuff is getting very confusing…)  Anyways, try out the new button to sample some of the cool features of Super Sevens!

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