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The New and Improved Super Hearts: Double Deck Cancellation Chaos Version 1.2!


Hi, Mom (and the two or so other people who play my games)!  I just wanted to let you know that Super Hearts: Double Deck Cancellation Chaos was recently updated.  So what’s this big update?

It no longer cheats!  Oops!  When playing in games where the jack of diamonds is worth -10 points, the AI would cheat and play that card at illegal times.  That sneaky ThumbSnail!  Who knew that he was really a ThumbShark?  Well, now he’ll have to beat you fairly.

This update has been applied to both the iOS and Android versions.

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New App Marketing Strategy: Stock Market Pricing!

The stock market is a strange beast.  In life, people typically want to wait for things to go on sale before buying them.  But with stocks, people like to buy them only after they increase in price!  So let’s try the same thing with apps and see what happens.

On the 6th of each month, Super Sevens and Super Hearts: Double Deck Cancellation Chaos will go up in price by $1.00.  They currently cost $2.99.  On May 6th, they will go up to $3.99.  On October 6th, they’ll max out at their final price of $8.99 before being taken off the market for good on November 4th.

However, unlike the stock market, there will be no crashes in price.  No freebies.  No deals.  So if you want to save, don’t delay!  Otherwise, you’ll have to pay a little more for your limited edition collector’s item.  (Seriously, you could be one of like only five people to have these apps on your devices!  Act now!)

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Super Hearts: Double Deck Cancellation Chaos for Android Shuffled into the Amazon Appstore

Super Hearts (by ThumbSnail Studios) is also available on the Amazon Appstore today!


And, once again, my app is rated Mature despite clearly marking every option for “All Ages”…  Seriously, Amazon?  Out of curiosity, I looked up some other apps and discovered that other dangerous and lewd games like “Solitaire” are rated Mature as well.    So at least there’s a consistent stance taken against all card games.

Thus, even though you might feel like the AI is beating you up by giving you two queens of spades at the same time, there is actually no violence in this app.  Nor foul language, sexy babes, drug use, etc.

Super Hearts (for All Ages!) for Android available exclusively at the Amazon Appstore!

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Super Hearts: Double Deck Cancellation Chaos for iOS Dealt onto the App Store!

Out today!  Super Hearts (by ThumbSnail Studios) on the App Store:

Download Super Hearts on the App Store!

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Double Deck Cancellation Hearts

I’ve got a new game coming out shortly that’s based on a more exciting version of the classic card game “Hearts.”  In Double Deck Cancellation Hearts, when a card matches another card on the table, they both “cancel out” and cannot win the trick.  However, their penalty points still count.  This makes for some very interesting situations:

Super Hearts: Two Queens Canceling Out
As pictured above, this means that something as lowly as a six of spades could end up winning BOTH queens of spades!  That’s 26 penalty points in a single blow!  That’ll drop you out of first place real quick.

You’re never quite safe in Super Hearts: Double Deck Cancellation Chaos!

Coming soon!

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