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The Top Ten Best Card Game Apps of 2016

Having already established that the collective genius of the AIs in Super Sevens constructed a time machine to travel to the past, it’s no surprise that they also scouted the future in order to continue their chart dominance.  There will be a lot of hopeful entries in 2016, but only a few will emerge victorious.  Here are the Top Ten Best Card Games Apps for iOS and Android… in 2016:


Simple Sevens for Android

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When asked why Simple Sevens for Android was taken down by its iOS brother in a heated matchup, S.S. Android replied, “I just couldn’t handle that new Super Button.  Too much, too cool.  He deserved to beat me.  There’s no shame in second place.  What?  Tenth?  Are you sure?”


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Simple Sevens for iOS

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Simple Sevens for iOS refused to answer any questions.  He spent the whole interview pushing his Super Button while talking smack about his Android brother.  Though when prodded about only coming in 9th, he admitted his Super Button just couldn’t compare to all the features of Super Sevens.


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#8 through 6:

Super Sevens for Android

Download Super Sevens for Android on the Amazon Appstore
When asked why he was able to occupy multiple slots on the top ten list, Super Sevens for Android answered, “I’m the only version with achievements.  They’re so addicting that I get downloaded multiple times.  Yes, all by the same person.  Yes, that person is my mother.  This interview is over!”


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And now for the top 5 best card games apps of 2016!

#5 through 1:

Super Sevens for iOS

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When it was not-so-subtly implied that Super Sevens for iOS was occupying a whole lot of spots on the charts due to some recent weight gain, Super Sevens for iOS responded, “Hey, man, I recently shrunk my file size.  And it’s not like I ever see you at the gym, Phil.”

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