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Good Games Buried Deep #3 – Knights & Snails

This next game gets a thumbs-up from me and not just because it has snails in it! Knights and Snails (by Knights Digital) is a creative and intricate strategy game.

Knights & Snails Title

I wonder how a ThumbSnail would fare against a Knight Snail?

Quick description:

Wisely split your team of knights into defenders and attackers.  Lead them to victory in individual jousting battles.  Grab enough points to win tournaments and acquire new knights to strengthen your team.

Why this game is worth playing:

The depth of strategy.  Every decision you make is influenced by the overarching goal:  to obtain enough points to take first in tournaments.  This is no small feat because the number of points won in a joust increases after each round; some of the final battles will be worth a dozen points or more, the loss (or victory!) of which can swing the entire tournament.  This leads to some very interesting choices:

-Should you sacrifice a weaker knight early on since the round isn’t worth as much to you?
-Do you trust your jousting skills enough to save an average knight for a later round?
-Can you save your best knight until the very end?  Or will you be forced to act sooner than you wanted?

There’s another key aspect you need to factor into your strategy as well:  having the initiative versus being on the defensive.  If you have the initiative, you select which knight in a row will fight.  However, your opponent chooses which knight of his in that same row will defend.  Thus, the match-ups you want to occur may not actually happen, and all your plans could go awry.  This makes the choices above all the more complicated and results in some interesting situations where you may actually want to secede control of a round.

And there’s yet more to consider:  special abilities, temporary bonuses, and some randomness.  Oh, and swapping the row a specific knight is in to setup a more favorable match-up.  Oh!  And, well… I’ll let you discover some of the finer details on your own.

Knights & Snails Puzzle

Plan your match-ups carefully. And then have a backup plan when Quinevere lets you down…

Some advice:

-When you unlock the ability to move your knights into different rows, think far ahead! You only get three moves per tournament, and there is no “undo action” button if you move the wrong knight into the wrong row.

-Read all the character descriptions. This game is hilarious. Take time to appreciate its humor and enjoy the funny writing.

Knights & Snails Humor

…and where snails rule us all.  Wow, that’s gonna be sticky.

Other goodies:

The jousting portion of the game is actually pretty fun.  It’s simple on the surface, but, no surprise, there’s some strategy involved here, too.  Your goal is to raise the jousting pointer (on the right side of the screen) up the vertical bar into the green portion to land the best hit.  However, you don’t know how far or fast the bar will rise when you tap because each joust is different.  So do you tap right away when the joust starts, hoping it settles down into the green in time?  Or do you hold out as long as you can, thinking you can time it just right at the end?  Or can you pull off a fancy double tap?

Knights & Snails Jousting

I’m betting he’s going to swerve first…

Try it out:

Knights & Snails (by Knights Digital) is available for free on iOS.


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