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Final Week for iOS Super Sevens and Super Hearts

This week (and a half!) is the last chance to get Super Sevens or Super Hearts for iOS.  I obviously will not be renewing my Apple developer account, so my apps will be removed from the App Store soon.

It’s also the last chance to try Climby Charts on your iPhone or iPad.  So please hurry and download it… 10 million times… or it will truly be lost in the app heap forever!

For Android users, all three of my games will remain on Amazon since there’s no annual fee over there.

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I’ve Been Writing Game Reviews

If anybody’s interested, I’ve been writing reviews over at ipadgameszone.com for a while now.  It’s similar to the Good Games Buried Deep series I did on this blog, but it’s geared more towards games that are (or were) popular.

Here are some quick highlights:

1. Walking Dead: The Game – Season 2 is the most gripping game I’ve played in a long time.

2. Plants vs. Zombies 2 received a lot of unnecessary hate.  I think it’s even better than the original.

3. Madden NFL Mobile has been consuming my life.

4. FTL: Faster Than Light is soooooo worth the $10.

5. Skyriders might just be my favorite iPad game.  It’s an older one, but it’s really fun and really challenging.  Plus, it was pretty much made by one guy!!!

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The New and Improved Super Hearts: Double Deck Cancellation Chaos Version 1.2!


Hi, Mom (and the two or so other people who play my games)!  I just wanted to let you know that Super Hearts: Double Deck Cancellation Chaos was recently updated.  So what’s this big update?

It no longer cheats!  Oops!  When playing in games where the jack of diamonds is worth -10 points, the AI would cheat and play that card at illegal times.  That sneaky ThumbSnail!  Who knew that he was really a ThumbShark?  Well, now he’ll have to beat you fairly.

This update has been applied to both the iOS and Android versions.

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A Shout-Out to the Other Games Featured in Climby Charts

If you’re playing Climby Charts and happen to notice an app icon in the background that looks visually appealing, more than likely it’s a real game made by another developer. When I was nearing the end of development for Climby Charts, I reached out to other developers on various forums to see if they would like to join in on the fun by having their app become part of my scrolling background. While not many responded, I’m quite grateful to the two who did and provided me with their icons. So when you get a chance, please take a look at these two apps!

BubbleSand by Jez Hammond

BubbleSand Icon


Puppy Wings by Saito Games

Puppy Wings Icon

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One Day Until the End of the World

Well, maybe not.  BUT!  Climby Charts: Buried Alive in the App Heap does come out tomorrow for both iOS and Android devices!  Can you make it into the top charts?

Climby Charts - Death by One-Star Rating

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Good Games Buried Deep #5 – Defend the Dam

I almost skipped over this one, but I’m sure glad I didn’t. Defend the Dam (by Dragon Army) is a fun and creative take on the lane defense genre of games.

Defend the Dam Title Screen

Would there be a water shortage in California if the beavers were in charge?  I think not.

Quick description:

Defend your dam from all sorts of angry critters by building turrets… on a rotatable tank tread!  Choose wisely to survive wave after wave of creative enemies.  Comes with all the standard goodies of a tower/lane defense game (different turret types, upgrades, beaten levels can be replayed at a higher difficulty, etc.)

Why this game is worth playing:

The design.  This is by no means just a vertical version of Plants vs. Zombies.  Both the gameplay and the strategy here are completely different, all thanks to the moveable conveyor belt of weaponry and enemies specifically designed around this mechanic.  This combination makes for some very interesting strategic choices and, most importantly, a very fun game.

Let’s say you build a flamethrower turret.  This is great–just like in real life–for torching small to medium-sized forest creatures.  But for the bunnies with the plasma pistols… it’s not so great.  In fact, it doesn’t work at all.  This is because the bunnies stand just outside the range of the flames, mocking your choice of turret as they pelt you with little purple bolts of light.  You, however, get the last laugh when you spin your tank tread around and whip out a cannon.  Bunnies–just like in real life–are weak to cannons.

But wait!  Since you moved the position of all your turrets, a lowly pellet gun is now firing at a shielded mouse!  Arrrggh, you really need the crossbow that fires armor-piercing arrows.  But if you move the tread back around, not only will the bunny with the plasma pistol laugh at you again, that fox with the pitchfork is going to poke a hole in your dam!  Trusting that the beaver built with oak instead of pine, you opt to take care of the mouse first and then the laughing bunny.  And then that fox will get what it deserves:  a shotgun to the face.

Defend the Dam Mechanic

Beavers with tank treads? Dam.

Some advice:

Play the daily challenges.  This game is super fun when you’re trying to get the highest score possible.  Your score is determined by the number of coins remaining at the end of a successful battle.  You get coins by killing enemies and by starting the next waves early.  You lose coins by building turrets.  If you want to rank in the top ten, you’re really going to have to take advantage of the tread mechanic since you’ll be skimping on turrets to save on coins.  This makes for a very exciting battle because you’ll likely be leaving a lane exposed, hoping your dam can outlast the punishment it’s receiving as it buys you time to rotate your guns over.

Defend the Dam Enemies

Wolves with laser swords?!  Why are you reading this?  Go download this right now!

Other goodies:

Take a little time to read the descriptions of the weapons.  There’s a section that distinguishes them by the sounds they make, and it’s hilarious.

Defend the Dam Boss

Looks like this guy hasn’t been sharing his porridge…

Try it out:

Defend the Dam (by Dragon Army) is available for free on iOS, and it’s well worth your time.

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Good Games Buried Deep

Your App Lost in a Sea of Trash

It’s time to go digging for shinies! (Original via)

As part of a new approach that I can only assume will soon join the ranks of my other “Failed App Marketing Strategies”, I’ve been hanging out on the Touch Arcade forums in the hopes of attracting a little more attention to my games.  Regardless of whether or not that comes to fruition, I still think it’s been a good use of time.  The forums have been far more interesting and enlightening (and even fun!) than I thought they’d be.

One of the things I’ve been doing is going through the New Game threads looking for games that haven’t gotten many replies or views.  Yes, some of those games are low quality (whether first programming attempts or just poorly tested).  Some of them are major fixer-uppers.  But some are actually really interesting and deserve more attention than they’re getting.  And those are the games I’d like to highlight in a new series of posts.

So, without further ado, it’s time to write some articles that no one will ever read about some games that no one will ever play… which is too bad because these games are definitely worth a try and have a lot of potential.


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