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Good Games Buried Deep #7 – Rects and #8 – Jelly Slide

Got a two for one this weekend for any fans of puzzle games out there!  First up is the more challenging one:  Rects (by Volodymyr Klymenko).


Rects starts out easy…

Quick description:

The goal is to fit all the pink horseshoe shapes inside one another on the same tile. You do so by moving the pink dot around. If you slide the dot inside one of the horseshoe shapes, you’re then able to slide that shape, too, as long as the dot can push against it in the direction you wish to travel.

Why this game is worth playing:

The challenging puzzles.  The puzzles start out easy and then become quite hard.  I really don’t like to use the hint button in games, but there was one puzzle in Rects (Level 32) that I just could not solve no matter how many times I tried.  And after viewing the solution, I’m convinced that I never would have solved it.  It’s impressive that such a simple concept can yield such complex puzzles!


…and then makes you feel like you’ve been concussed by a horseshoe.

Try it out:

If you like the kind of puzzles that tax your mind, have a go at Rects (by Volodymyr Klymenko), available for free on iOS.

Current Turn Icon

However, if you prefer relaxing puzzles the whole way through, then Jelly Slide (by Moonlight Games) is the choice for you.

Jelly Slide 1

Some of the puzzles are a little tricky, but most are just relaxing.

Quick description:

Slide the different colored blocks around the map.  Touch two blocks of the same color together to join them into a single shape.  Win by fusing all of the colors on the map into single shapes.

Why this game is worth playing:

The relaxing puzzles.  These are the perfect kind of puzzles if you just want to take it easy, kill a little time, and not torch your brain.  Sure, there is the occasional tricky puzzle, but for the most part, you’ll be able to solve these pretty quickly.  You’ll still need to think, though, because as soon as two shapes of the same color match, they connect.  Thus, you may need to be particular in the order of your movements to achieve the desired result.

Jelly Slide 2

Simple design with just the right amount of challenge to be pleasing to the mind.

Try it out:

Jelly Slide (by Moonlight Games) is available for free on iOS.  Be sure to turn up the sound and enjoy the relaxing soundtrack as well.

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Good Games Buried Deep #6 – Dr. Noid

This one claims that it’s “one of the best breakout games in the App Store.”  And I have to agree!  Take a look at Dr. Noid (by pncil).

Dr. Noid Screenshot

Breakout/Arkanoid at its best!

Quick description:

A brick-breaking game (use your paddle to keep balls in play as you clear the stages of bricks) with its own creative style.  Comes with all the standard goodies (power-ups, upgrades, lots of levels, etc.) of this game type, along with a Pokemon “gotta catch ’em all” element.

Why this game is worth playing:

The craftsmanship.  Seriously, this game is so well made.  The gameplay, the sound, the graphics, the design… it’s all excellent.  The developers clearly put a lot of heart and time into this, and it shines through everywhere.  If you like brick-breaking games at all, just go ahead and download this right now.

If you’re unconvinced, here’s a quick breakdown of some of Dr. Noid’s more unique features:

1.  It’s a little like pinball.  There are bumpers, warp pipes, switches, and even these alien, tunnel-looking things that duplicate your ball when you pass through them.  And that’s just in the first few levels!

2.  Gotta catch ’em all.  When you dispatch one of the sickly looking animals in these levels, they drop some of their DNA.  If you catch it on your paddle, you begin to fill in the missing pieces of their genome.  There are all kinds of animals in this game, so there’s an additional incentive to replay a level, especially if you didn’t get three stars on it.

3.  Combo meter.  What’s cool about this is that your combo determines how many balls you have out in the field.  Increase the bar to its maximum, and another ball enters in.  Thus, you don’t have to rely on power-ups alone to make the gameplay more chaotic and exciting.

Dr. Noid Screenshot Main

If only landscaping was like this in real life!

A heads-up:

This game does utilize something that might turn some users away:  a ball limit.  You start with the maximum 15 balls, and you receive another one every 10 minutes.  You lose a ball every time you use one, even if you beat the level.  Depending how good you are at the game, you can probably play through seven to ten levels before running out of balls.  You’ll have to decide how much of an annoyance this is to you, but don’t let it prevent you from downloading the game.  Dr. Noid is definitely worth the try!

Dr Noid Screenshot Blue

Zombie Blowfish vs. Electric Ball.  Science wins.

Try it out:

Dr. Noid (by pncil) is available for free on iOS!

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Good Games Buried Deep #5 – Defend the Dam

I almost skipped over this one, but I’m sure glad I didn’t. Defend the Dam (by Dragon Army) is a fun and creative take on the lane defense genre of games.

Defend the Dam Title Screen

Would there be a water shortage in California if the beavers were in charge?  I think not.

Quick description:

Defend your dam from all sorts of angry critters by building turrets… on a rotatable tank tread!  Choose wisely to survive wave after wave of creative enemies.  Comes with all the standard goodies of a tower/lane defense game (different turret types, upgrades, beaten levels can be replayed at a higher difficulty, etc.)

Why this game is worth playing:

The design.  This is by no means just a vertical version of Plants vs. Zombies.  Both the gameplay and the strategy here are completely different, all thanks to the moveable conveyor belt of weaponry and enemies specifically designed around this mechanic.  This combination makes for some very interesting strategic choices and, most importantly, a very fun game.

Let’s say you build a flamethrower turret.  This is great–just like in real life–for torching small to medium-sized forest creatures.  But for the bunnies with the plasma pistols… it’s not so great.  In fact, it doesn’t work at all.  This is because the bunnies stand just outside the range of the flames, mocking your choice of turret as they pelt you with little purple bolts of light.  You, however, get the last laugh when you spin your tank tread around and whip out a cannon.  Bunnies–just like in real life–are weak to cannons.

But wait!  Since you moved the position of all your turrets, a lowly pellet gun is now firing at a shielded mouse!  Arrrggh, you really need the crossbow that fires armor-piercing arrows.  But if you move the tread back around, not only will the bunny with the plasma pistol laugh at you again, that fox with the pitchfork is going to poke a hole in your dam!  Trusting that the beaver built with oak instead of pine, you opt to take care of the mouse first and then the laughing bunny.  And then that fox will get what it deserves:  a shotgun to the face.

Defend the Dam Mechanic

Beavers with tank treads? Dam.

Some advice:

Play the daily challenges.  This game is super fun when you’re trying to get the highest score possible.  Your score is determined by the number of coins remaining at the end of a successful battle.  You get coins by killing enemies and by starting the next waves early.  You lose coins by building turrets.  If you want to rank in the top ten, you’re really going to have to take advantage of the tread mechanic since you’ll be skimping on turrets to save on coins.  This makes for a very exciting battle because you’ll likely be leaving a lane exposed, hoping your dam can outlast the punishment it’s receiving as it buys you time to rotate your guns over.

Defend the Dam Enemies

Wolves with laser swords?!  Why are you reading this?  Go download this right now!

Other goodies:

Take a little time to read the descriptions of the weapons.  There’s a section that distinguishes them by the sounds they make, and it’s hilarious.

Defend the Dam Boss

Looks like this guy hasn’t been sharing his porridge…

Try it out:

Defend the Dam (by Dragon Army) is available for free on iOS, and it’s well worth your time.

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