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Good Games Buried Deep #4 – Lunar Mission

This one really surprised me because I typically don’t like these kinds of games.  However, I enjoyed Lunar Mission (by Puppet Box) so much that I beat all the levels… and then went back and perfected them!

Lunar Mission Title

What mysteries await in the depths of space?

Quick Description:

A well-polished and modern “lunar lander” style game.  Explore beautiful sections of space as you carefully navigate treacherous caverns looking for a safe place to land.  Encounter unexpected challenges as you progress deeper through the caves.  Keep your ship intact for a four-star landing!

Lunar Mission in Action

You’ll have to be a skilled pilot to navigate some of these caves.

Why this game is worth playing:

The atmosphere.  This game is just gripping.  Though you likely can’t tell from the tiny screenshots, the art design for these levels is quite beautiful.  The camera work is also excellent; it is used to both heighten the feeling of danger and to increase the sense of mystery as you travel through this unknown world.  All of this combined makes you want to keep playing because the game becomes more about exploration than just landing safely.

The controls.  The low-gravity physics are done well, and it really feels like you’re piloting this spacecraft.  The gameplay is also very balanced.  While it is certainly tricky to master, the game is fair.  If you’ve gone hurtling into the nearest wall, it’s most likely because you mistimed or misgauged your approach.  It may take you a few tries, but you’ll soon be able to pass through the more difficult areas.  And then after a few more tries, you’ll be able to do it without even a scratch!

Some advice:

Though by no means easy, this game is somewhat forgiving.  If you’re trying to perfect a level, you have some leeway as long as that you’re not traveling that fast.  The 4 key parts of your ship are the legs and the thrusters on the sides.  The top of your ship can therefore act somewhat like a shield as you try to squeeze through tight corridors.

Lunar Mission Crash

To boldly go… smashing into a cave!

Other goodies:

I don’t want to spoil anything, but as you progress through the game, different elements get added to the gameplay to keep things fresh.  These elements will likely force you to play in a different way, so they also add to the challenge.  Best of luck perfecting some of these later levels!

Lunar Mission 4-Star Landing

Yeah, but it’s hard to get a four-star landing when you’re missing both legs…

Try it out:

Lunar Mission (by Puppet Box) is available for free on iOS.

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