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A Shout-Out to the Other Games Featured in Climby Charts

If you’re playing Climby Charts and happen to notice an app icon in the background that looks visually appealing, more than likely it’s a real game made by another developer. When I was nearing the end of development for Climby Charts, I reached out to other developers on various forums to see if they would like to join in on the fun by having their app become part of my scrolling background. While not many responded, I’m quite grateful to the two who did and provided me with their icons. So when you get a chance, please take a look at these two apps!

BubbleSand by Jez Hammond

BubbleSand Icon


Puppy Wings by Saito Games

Puppy Wings Icon

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Calling All Disheartened Developers!

UPDATE:  Much thanks to everyone who has contacted me to include their app in my game.  I have already added your app to my background.  I’ve submitted my app for review and will keep you posted on the progress and when it will hopefully launch!  Thanks again.

In my new upcoming game Climby Charts: Buried Alive in the App Heap for iOS, you must battle flappy bird clones and one-star reviews on your quest to climb your way up the charts.

Climby Charts - Title Screen

There’s a long way to go before I’m in the Top 100…

The background consists of apps that have fallen by the wayside, buried by the ever-growing mound of apps on the store.  Right now it mostly consists of my own apps and some fake, humorous ones I’ve tossed in.  However, I’m opening this up to other developers who are proud of their games but were not fortunate enough to ever be noticed (or hardly noticed).  Please see that TouchArcade thread for a lot more information if you’re interested in submitting your app icon to be included in Climby Charts.  Thank you!


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