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Super Sevens on Amazon: Last Chance for Discount

Super Sevens for Android qualified for the Amazon Developer Select program earlier this year. If you purchase this app on Amazon, they give you 60 Amazon Coins in return. Thus, in effect, it’s like the app is 30% off.

However, Tuesday (March 31st, 2015) is the LAST day this promotion will run.

So if you want to get a deal on Super Sevens for Android, act before Wednesday!

Download Super Sevens for Android on the Amazon Appstore

Here’s the notice from Amazon: “All apps qualifying for the Amazon Developer Select program prior to February 15, 2015 will continue to receive their mobile ad impressions, Amazon Coins, and AWS credits benefits through March 31, 2015.”

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Super Hearts: Double Deck Cancellation Chaos for Android Shuffled into the Amazon Appstore

Super Hearts (by ThumbSnail Studios) is also available on the Amazon Appstore today!


And, once again, my app is rated Mature despite clearly marking every option for “All Ages”…  Seriously, Amazon?  Out of curiosity, I looked up some other apps and discovered that other dangerous and lewd games like “Solitaire” are rated Mature as well.    So at least there’s a consistent stance taken against all card games.

Thus, even though you might feel like the AI is beating you up by giving you two queens of spades at the same time, there is actually no violence in this app.  Nor foul language, sexy babes, drug use, etc.

Super Hearts (for All Ages!) for Android available exclusively at the Amazon Appstore!

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Super Hearts: Double Deck Cancellation Chaos for iOS Dealt onto the App Store!

Out today!  Super Hearts (by ThumbSnail Studios) on the App Store:

Download Super Hearts on the App Store!

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Double Deck Cancellation Hearts

I’ve got a new game coming out shortly that’s based on a more exciting version of the classic card game “Hearts.”  In Double Deck Cancellation Hearts, when a card matches another card on the table, they both “cancel out” and cannot win the trick.  However, their penalty points still count.  This makes for some very interesting situations:

Super Hearts: Two Queens Canceling Out
As pictured above, this means that something as lowly as a six of spades could end up winning BOTH queens of spades!  That’s 26 penalty points in a single blow!  That’ll drop you out of first place real quick.

You’re never quite safe in Super Hearts: Double Deck Cancellation Chaos!

Coming soon!

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Simple Sevens for iOS Update – Version 1.1

Download Simple Sevens for free on the App Store
The latest version of Simple Sevens for iOS just got posted to the App Store!  Check out the new “Super Button” added to the title screen!

Simple Sevens - New Super Button
Pressing this button creates a random game with:

– 5 to 6 players (difficulty between Casual and Merciless)
– 6 as the midpoint card
– 6 or 7 suits

Simple Sevens with Six Suits
And this is just a small taste of some of the features in Super Sevens.  Check out the full version to play with up to 10 suits, a double deck, or a hearts-style survival mode!

Download Super Sevens on the App Store

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Super Sevens for Android Update – Amazon Coins

(04/02/15 – UPDATE:  This promotion is now over.  You will no longer receive 60 Amazon Coins for downloading Super Sevens on the Amazon Appstore.  Thank you to the one person who bought it during this promotional period.  Did you like it?  Was it fun?  Did you tell all of your friends and family members about how awesome it is?  I guess your family doesn’t value your opinions.  That’s ok, thank you for trying.  It might just be that your family is more interested in “Hearts” than “Sevens”.  If that’s the case, you should totally let them know that there’s a new card game by ThumbSnail Studios out on the Amazon Appstore called “Super Hearts:  Double Deck Cancellation Chaos”.  It’s really fun, and I’m sure everyone you know will like it.  Hopefully they’ll listen to you this time.)

Super Sevens for Android on the Amazon Appstore now rewards you with 60 Amazon Coins when you buy it!  Each Amazon Coin is worth $0.01 when making purchases through the Amazon Appstore.  Click here for more details on Amazon Coins.

Super Sevens for Android Title

Note the new Achievement Button on the title screen!

Super Sevens for Android is also now integrated with Amazon GameCircle.  This allows for the following benefits:

-Whispersync for Games:  If you so desire, you can sync your data with the cloud and transfer your settings/stats over to another Android device.

-Achievements:  Whether you sign into GameCircle or not, Super Sevens now comes with 29 additional challenges to overcome!  Much like the game’s AI, these challenges range from very easy to very hard.  Can you beat them all?

Super Sevens Achievements Sample

Some of the Achievements to obtain in Super Sevens. (Oh yeah, I owned “The Casuals” in Double Deck mode.)

These new features are not limited to just Amazon phones and tablets but work on any Android device running at least Android 2.3.3.  However, to utilize Whispersync for games, you will need an Amazon account.  Achievements can be obtained and accessed with or without an Amazon account.  For those of you who opt to sign into GameCircle, you may be interested in Amazon’s GameCircle Terms of Use and Amazon’s Privacy Notice.

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Simple Sevens for iOS Now Available on the App Store

Simple Sevens for iOS by Jeffrey Derrenberger (ThumbSnail Studios) is now available for download on the App Store for free!

Download Simple Sevens for free on the App Store
Simple Sevens is the classic version of the card game “Sevens”.  Take the game for a spin, try out the easy controls (double tap or drag), and get a feel for the different difficulties (7 in total, ranging from very easy to very hard).  And then consider getting Super Sevens, “Sevens” to the extreme with all sorts of customization options (up to 10 different suits) and challenges (such as double deck mode).

Simple Sevens Mid Game
There’s even an Easter Egg in Simple Sevens where you can try out one of the game types from Super Sevens.  Click on the ThumbSnail on the Title Screen.  Then click on the ThumbSnail on the About Screen.  This will let you play a game with 6 suits, 5 players, and an 8 as the midpoint.  The AI type is randomly chosen to be Casual or higher.

Simple Sevens End Game
Simple Sevens requires at least iOS 5.1.1;  thus, any iPad, any iPhone 3GS or newer, and any 3rd generation iPod Touch or newer

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