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Good Games Buried Deep #6 – Dr. Noid

This one claims that it’s “one of the best breakout games in the App Store.”  And I have to agree!  Take a look at Dr. Noid (by pncil).

Dr. Noid Screenshot

Breakout/Arkanoid at its best!

Quick description:

A brick-breaking game (use your paddle to keep balls in play as you clear the stages of bricks) with its own creative style.  Comes with all the standard goodies (power-ups, upgrades, lots of levels, etc.) of this game type, along with a Pokemon “gotta catch ’em all” element.

Why this game is worth playing:

The craftsmanship.  Seriously, this game is so well made.  The gameplay, the sound, the graphics, the design… it’s all excellent.  The developers clearly put a lot of heart and time into this, and it shines through everywhere.  If you like brick-breaking games at all, just go ahead and download this right now.

If you’re unconvinced, here’s a quick breakdown of some of Dr. Noid’s more unique features:

1.  It’s a little like pinball.  There are bumpers, warp pipes, switches, and even these alien, tunnel-looking things that duplicate your ball when you pass through them.  And that’s just in the first few levels!

2.  Gotta catch ’em all.  When you dispatch one of the sickly looking animals in these levels, they drop some of their DNA.  If you catch it on your paddle, you begin to fill in the missing pieces of their genome.  There are all kinds of animals in this game, so there’s an additional incentive to replay a level, especially if you didn’t get three stars on it.

3.  Combo meter.  What’s cool about this is that your combo determines how many balls you have out in the field.  Increase the bar to its maximum, and another ball enters in.  Thus, you don’t have to rely on power-ups alone to make the gameplay more chaotic and exciting.

Dr. Noid Screenshot Main

If only landscaping was like this in real life!

A heads-up:

This game does utilize something that might turn some users away:  a ball limit.  You start with the maximum 15 balls, and you receive another one every 10 minutes.  You lose a ball every time you use one, even if you beat the level.  Depending how good you are at the game, you can probably play through seven to ten levels before running out of balls.  You’ll have to decide how much of an annoyance this is to you, but don’t let it prevent you from downloading the game.  Dr. Noid is definitely worth the try!

Dr Noid Screenshot Blue

Zombie Blowfish vs. Electric Ball.  Science wins.

Try it out:

Dr. Noid (by pncil) is available for free on iOS!

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