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It’s a Dark Day for ThumbSnail Studios…

I’m sure you’ve already heard the amazing news about ThumbSnail Studios and how it finally broke even and met its goal of being profitable enough to purchase one Safeway Select Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza (estimated retail value: $3.49 – $3.99).


In what can only be the saddest development of all-time, it appears that Safeway has discontinued the greatest frozen pizza ever made.  Now, it’s possible that my local Safeway store has just stopped carrying it.  But… since I’ve, uh, checked at three different locations that are rather far apart, I fear for the worst.

Thus, my one and only goal will never truly be achieved…

My only hope now is that ThumbSnail Studios becomes profitable enough to afford a time machine so that I can go back in time and buy my favorite pizza.  That, however, seems too lofty a goal because I probably wouldn’t have $4 remaining after purchasing the time machine.  Therfore, the better course of action would be to go back in time and stop myself from becoming a developer in the first place.

The moral of this story is:

If there’s a frozen pizza that you like, do not become an app developer through Apple because the ~$110 in fees could instead be used to stock up on ~30 pizzas, thereby eliminating the future need to create a time machine.


But, in all seriousness, a big thank you to everyone who has bought one of my games!  I loved making them, and I hope you love playing them.

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It’s a Glorious Day for ThumbSnail Studios!

Yes, that’s right, the unachieveable has been achieved, the impossible made possible.

Not only did ThumbSnail Studios just break even, ThumbSnail Studios is in the green.

What’s even more impressive is that if I:

-ignore my own purchase of my own game on Amazon through the use of Bing dollars
-ignore my own purchase of my own game on Amazon with Amazon coins
-ignore my own purchase of my own game on iTunes with leftover iTunes cash

ThumbSnail Studios is STILL IN THE GREEN.

Thus, my one goal has been reached!!!  Not only was I finally able to cover Apple’s developer fees, I actually have enough extra to buy one Safeway Select Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza.  (Even if it’s not on sale this week!)

A sincere “Thank you” goes out to everyone who has bought and played one of my games.  I really hope you’ve enjoyed them.

It truly is a glorious day!


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Make Money as a New App Developer – Use Bing

If you’re a new app developer, you’re going to be searching the web a lot.  And if you’re new to the world of computer programming, you’re really going to be searching the web a lot.  And if you happen to be using a framework that doesn’t always have the greatest of documentation (like, say, Cocos2d-x…), then, oh my goodness, you are going to be searching the web A LOT!!!

Plus, in your daily life, I imagine you search on the web for other things anyways.  Since you’re already doing so much of it, why not get paid to do it?  I present to you the search engine:  Bing.

All you have to do is sign up for a Bing Rewards Account and use Bing.com as your search engine.  For each search you make, you get Bing credits.  After you amass enough credits, you can redeem them for Bing Rewards, many of which are gift cards (or, in other words, actual money!).

What’s that?  You don’t like Bing?  You think another search engine works better?  Does that other search engine pay you?  No, Google doesn’t pay you.  Thus, the choice is clear:  use Bing.

As shown previously, you will make absolutely no money off of your app.  Therefore, using Bing might be your only chance to gain a little cash from all of your hard work.  Only by using Bing will you be able to declare, without lying, “Yes, I get paid to make games.”

Here are some pro tips to maximize your Bing Rewards:

-There are three levels:  bronze, silver, and gold.  Before getting your first gift card, work your way up to the Gold Level so that you can redeem rewards at a discount.

-To get to the Gold Level, you have to redeem at least one reward.  However, Bing often has some kind of sweepstakes entry as a reward for a minimal amount of rewards points (say, 3 to 5 points, or, if you’re really lucky, free).  These count (or at least they did for me last year) towards the requirement of redeeming an award to get to gold status.  You won’t win the sweepstakes, but it will get you to discounted rewards faster.

Now, before you race off to get your bling from Bing, I have just one last piece of advice:  use your rewards to get a $5 Amazon gift card and remember who told you this life-changing advice:

Super Sevens for Android on the Amazon App Store!

Download Super Sevens for Android on the Amazon Appstore

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