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It’s a Glorious Day for ThumbSnail Studios!

Yes, that’s right, the unachieveable has been achieved, the impossible made possible.

Not only did ThumbSnail Studios just break even, ThumbSnail Studios is in the green.

What’s even more impressive is that if I:

-ignore my own purchase of my own game on Amazon through the use of Bing dollars
-ignore my own purchase of my own game on Amazon with Amazon coins
-ignore my own purchase of my own game on iTunes with leftover iTunes cash

ThumbSnail Studios is STILL IN THE GREEN.

Thus, my one goal has been reached!!!  Not only was I finally able to cover Apple’s developer fees, I actually have enough extra to buy one Safeway Select Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza.  (Even if it’s not on sale this week!)

A sincere “Thank you” goes out to everyone who has bought and played one of my games.  I really hope you’ve enjoyed them.

It truly is a glorious day!


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Climby Charts Coming Soon for Android

Climby Charts: Buried Alive in the App Heap is coming soon for Android!

Climby Charts for Android

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Top Card Game Apps of 2015

Even though it’s early in the year, it’s safe to assume that the two apps listed below will be topping the charts for Best Card Game Apps of 2015.  Both apps are developed by ThumbSnail Studios, and both are available for iOS and Android.  Enjoy!

    Super Sevens
Download Super Sevens on the App Store
Super Sevens was the underdog smash hit of the year.  With so many different game types and options, it comes quite close to legally being able to declare that it is endless fun.



   Simple Sevens

Download Simple Sevens for Android on the Amazon Appstore
Simple Sevens is the free “lite” version of the above game.  While not as action-packed as its brother Super Sevens, it’s nice to be able to try out the controls and confirm for yourself that it indeed plays smoothly.

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Make Money as a New App Developer – Use Bing

If you’re a new app developer, you’re going to be searching the web a lot.  And if you’re new to the world of computer programming, you’re really going to be searching the web a lot.  And if you happen to be using a framework that doesn’t always have the greatest of documentation (like, say, Cocos2d-x…), then, oh my goodness, you are going to be searching the web A LOT!!!

Plus, in your daily life, I imagine you search on the web for other things anyways.  Since you’re already doing so much of it, why not get paid to do it?  I present to you the search engine:  Bing.

All you have to do is sign up for a Bing Rewards Account and use Bing.com as your search engine.  For each search you make, you get Bing credits.  After you amass enough credits, you can redeem them for Bing Rewards, many of which are gift cards (or, in other words, actual money!).

What’s that?  You don’t like Bing?  You think another search engine works better?  Does that other search engine pay you?  No, Google doesn’t pay you.  Thus, the choice is clear:  use Bing.

As shown previously, you will make absolutely no money off of your app.  Therefore, using Bing might be your only chance to gain a little cash from all of your hard work.  Only by using Bing will you be able to declare, without lying, “Yes, I get paid to make games.”

Here are some pro tips to maximize your Bing Rewards:

-There are three levels:  bronze, silver, and gold.  Before getting your first gift card, work your way up to the Gold Level so that you can redeem rewards at a discount.

-To get to the Gold Level, you have to redeem at least one reward.  However, Bing often has some kind of sweepstakes entry as a reward for a minimal amount of rewards points (say, 3 to 5 points, or, if you’re really lucky, free).  These count (or at least they did for me last year) towards the requirement of redeeming an award to get to gold status.  You won’t win the sweepstakes, but it will get you to discounted rewards faster.

Now, before you race off to get your bling from Bing, I have just one last piece of advice:  use your rewards to get a $5 Amazon gift card and remember who told you this life-changing advice:

Super Sevens for Android on the Amazon App Store!

Download Super Sevens for Android on the Amazon Appstore

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Super Sevens for Android Update – Amazon Coins

(04/02/15 – UPDATE:  This promotion is now over.  You will no longer receive 60 Amazon Coins for downloading Super Sevens on the Amazon Appstore.  Thank you to the one person who bought it during this promotional period.  Did you like it?  Was it fun?  Did you tell all of your friends and family members about how awesome it is?  I guess your family doesn’t value your opinions.  That’s ok, thank you for trying.  It might just be that your family is more interested in “Hearts” than “Sevens”.  If that’s the case, you should totally let them know that there’s a new card game by ThumbSnail Studios out on the Amazon Appstore called “Super Hearts:  Double Deck Cancellation Chaos”.  It’s really fun, and I’m sure everyone you know will like it.  Hopefully they’ll listen to you this time.)

Super Sevens for Android on the Amazon Appstore now rewards you with 60 Amazon Coins when you buy it!  Each Amazon Coin is worth $0.01 when making purchases through the Amazon Appstore.  Click here for more details on Amazon Coins.

Super Sevens for Android Title

Note the new Achievement Button on the title screen!

Super Sevens for Android is also now integrated with Amazon GameCircle.  This allows for the following benefits:

-Whispersync for Games:  If you so desire, you can sync your data with the cloud and transfer your settings/stats over to another Android device.

-Achievements:  Whether you sign into GameCircle or not, Super Sevens now comes with 29 additional challenges to overcome!  Much like the game’s AI, these challenges range from very easy to very hard.  Can you beat them all?

Super Sevens Achievements Sample

Some of the Achievements to obtain in Super Sevens. (Oh yeah, I owned “The Casuals” in Double Deck mode.)

These new features are not limited to just Amazon phones and tablets but work on any Android device running at least Android 2.3.3.  However, to utilize Whispersync for games, you will need an Amazon account.  Achievements can be obtained and accessed with or without an Amazon account.  For those of you who opt to sign into GameCircle, you may be interested in Amazon’s GameCircle Terms of Use and Amazon’s Privacy Notice.

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Super Sevens for Android Shuffled into the Amazon Appstore

Super Sevens by Jeffrey Derrenberger (ThumbSnail Studios) is now available for Android exclusively at the Amazon Appstore for $1.99!

Download Super Sevens for Android on the Amazon Appstore
Fun fact:  “Super Sevens” has more than 7 to the 7 possible game configurations.  That’s 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x7 x 7 x 7.  That’s a lot of sevens.

But wait, isn’t Sevens just a fun and simple game for kids?  Well, that’s true.  It’s a card game based on building a sequence up or down the seven of a suit.  It’s a great way to teach young children how to count.  But counting up from 7 to 13 or down from 7 to 1 isn’t exactly exciting math.  And certainly not the kind of math that would lead to so many sevens.

That's a lot of Sevens
Enter “Super Sevens,” the card game where you don’t have to play with a standard 52-card deck.  You can play with up to 10 different suits.  You can have up to 19 cards in a suit.  You can also play against up to 9 different opponents.  So let’s do some more interesting math to illustrate a more interesting game!

Up to 10 Different Suits in Super Sevens
Suits:  You can play with as few as 2 suits or as many as 10.  That’s a total of 9 different game types.

Sequence:  You can, of course, still play with a 7 as your midpoint card for the standard ace through king game.  Or you can play with a midpoint as low as 2 or as high as 10 (for ace through 19).  That’s 9 more different game types.  9 choices for the midpoint x 9 choices for the number of suits yields 81 different game types.  So now we’re using multiplication.

Super Sevens with 10 as Midpoint
Players:  A typical game of Sevens has 4 players.  In Super Sevens, you can have as few as 2 players or as many as 10.  So that’s a choice of 9 for the midpoint, a choice of 9 for the suits, and a choice of 9 for the players.  So now we’re using exponents.  9^3 is 729 game types.

Hearts-Style:  But 9^3 is a long way away from 7^7.  That’s alright, though, because Super Sevens also includes the option of playing in Hearts-Style, a mode where you try to survive several rounds of Sevens while having fewer passes than your opponents.  This toggle option means we have 729 x 2 = 1,458 game types.

Super Sevens Hearts-Style Mode
Double Deck:  You can also face an entirely different strategy by playing with a double deck.  This option is available for games with 2 to 5 suits.  Thus… Uh oh, now we’re on to permutations with repetition allowed!  4 possible choices for suits x 9 choices for the midpoint x 9 choices for the number of players is 324.  The total is now 1,782.

Super Sevens with Double Deck and 5 Suits
Double Deck Hearts-Style:  And for the greatest challenge of them all, you can play in Hearts-Style mode while using a double deck!  So that’s another 324, bringing the total to 2,106.

But you’re probably thinking, “Hey, 2,106 is nowhere near 7 to the 7.  7 to the 7 is 823,543.  That’s not even close!  What’s the deal with this ThumbSnail guy?  I thought snails were smarter than that.”  Well, there’s one other great feature about Super Sevens:

7 Different A.I. Difficulties:  The computer opponents in this app can have one of 7 personality types, ranging from “The Friendly” to “The Merciless,” depending on whether you feel like playing a more relaxed game or a more challenging one.  You can set all of your opponents to one personality type, or you can set each opponent individually to whatever personality you choose.

Super Sevens Can Have 10 Players
Thus, when you’re setting up a Custom game, you have a choice of 9 for the midpoint, a choice of 9 for the suits, a choice of 9 for the players… and a choice of 7 for each of the number of players’ personality types.  That’s, um, a, uh… combination with repetition allowed within a permutation with repetition allowed?  I… think?

Now, admittedly, this is beyond my mathematical ability, and I can’t wrap my brain around how to answer this.  However, the equation for a combination with repetition (scrolling down to the bottom of that page) appears to be:  (n + r – 1)! / r! * (n – 1) !, where n is the number of things to choose from and r is how many we choose.  And now we’re using factorials!

I have no idea how to calculate this for every possible game type in Super Sevens.  However, let’s just look at the number of combinations for a single game type:  a game with 10 suits, 10 as the midpoint, and 10 players.  The variable r is 9 since we are selecting the personality for a total of 9 opponents.  The variable n is 8 (since there are 7 possible AI personalities plus we can also play against another type of opponent:  a human in the same room on the same mobile device).  Plugging those values in, we get:

(8 + 9 – 1)!/9!*(8 – 1)! = 16!/9!*7! = 11,440

11,440 is the number of combinations for a game with 9 opponents who each have a personality of 8 possible types.  And that was just for one possible game type for 10 players.  Since you have 9 choices for the midpoint and 9 choices for the suit, there are 81 possible game types with 9 opponents.

81 * 11,440 = 926,640

926,640 is greater than 823,543.  That’s not even including Double Deck mode or Hearts-Style mode or Hearts-Style Double Deck mode.  That also doesn’t include games with less than 10 players.  So I don’t know what the complete answer is for the total number of game configurations in Super Sevens, but it’s more than 7 to the 7.

Super Sevens Random Mode - Easy
Whew, wow, thank goodness there’s Random mode where the game can just decide all of this stuff for me.  My brain hurts.  Tonight, I’m playing on easy!

Super Sevens for Android requires at least Android 2.3.3

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