Super Sevens

Need help while playing Super Sevens? Check here first for assistance. Otherwise, feel free to ask me on the contact page.

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Super Sevens

I. How To Play

1. Sevens. On your turn, you must play either a seven (the midpoint card) or the next card in the sequence going up or down a suit. If you cannot do either, you must pass your turn. Your goal is to be the first to play all of your cards.

How to Play SevensTop

2. Controls in Super Sevens
– To play a card: either double tap the card or drag it away from your hand and onto the table
– To pass: click the Pass Button (bottom right corner above your hand) when you cannot play a card
– To scroll through your hand: drag the screen anywhere above your hand to see the cards that are currently off-screen

3. Double Deck Sevens. The rules are the same as standard Sevens. However, your strategy will likely change since it’s now possible for another player to play the twin of your card in the spot where you were hoping to play.

To turn on Double Deck mode in Super Sevens, choose either a Custom or a Random game. In the upper left corner of that mode’s setup screen, set Double Deck to “On”.

4. Hearts-Style Sevens. Borrowing elements from the card game Hearts, this mode consists of several rounds of Sevens where your number of passes for that round carries over to the next. The game ends when a player’s total number of passes is greater than or equal to the Bust Target (set pre-game, defaults to 15). Thus, your goal is twofold.  You want to avoid reaching the Bust Target, and you want to have less passes than your opponents when one of them does bust.

Bust Target

You also have the option to, as in Hearts, trade a certain number of cards at the beginning of each round to another player (starting with the player on your left, and then moving clockwise around the table).  There will also be one round where there is no trading before continuing on the clockwise path.

To turn on Hearts-Style mode in Super Sevens, choose either a Custom or a Random game. In the upper right corner of that mode’s setup screen, set Hearts Style to “On”.

5. “Pass and Play” Style. Multiple people in the same room can play a game on the same mobile device. To do so, choose a Custom game. After the Custom screen will be a Players screen. On this screen, you can select an individual player and change its Player Type from robot to human.

Pass and Play StyleTop

II. Symbol & Icon Guide

First Turn Icon “First Turn Icon” – Marks which player started the game. Also highlights (in the post-game) the number of cards a player started with.
Current Turn Icon “Current Turn Icon” – Shows which player is currently active. Most useful in multi-human “Pass and Play” style games.
More Cards Icon “More Cards Icon” – Denotes that you have more cards in your hand off-screen. Drag the screen to scroll through those cards.
Game Info Button “Game Info Button” – Tap to reveal information about the current game, such as which card is the Midpoint Card and, in Hearts-Style mode, what the Bust Target is.
Heart Icon “Total Passes” – Used in Hearts-Style mode. When referring to a player, this shows their cumulative number of passes for the game. When referring to general game info, this shows the Bust Target.


III. Settings Guide

 Sets the type of AI used in Classic mode
 Sets the speed of the animation used when playing a card and thus the speed of the game
 Sets how fast the “Quit?” and the “Game/Player Info” popups slide onto the screen
 Sets the background color for during the game
 Sets how quickly the transition occurs when moving from one screen to the next
 Sets how quickly you scroll through your hand when dragging the screen during a game



1. Classic Difficulty Did Not Change?
A. If you changed the Classic Difficulty during a game, the AIs will not update until after you finish that game or start a new Classic game.

2. It Won’t Let Me Pass!
A. First, make sure the Game/Player Info popup is not on the screen. Now try tapping the Pass button 5 times. If there’s a playable card that you’re just not seeing, a Hint button will appear in the bottom left corner above your hand. Tap the Hint button to raise up a playable card that you might have overlooked.

3. How Do I See My Stats?
A. On the title screen, click on your user icon (where it says, “Hi, UserName”). Then select the user you wish to view stats for [iOS version only]. Finally, click the Stats button.

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