Number Sense Game

I programmed a new game recently!  And it’s even more fun than Pokemon Go!  Well, okay, fine, it’s only sort of a game.  It ultimately requires you to do mental math, so the web app itself isn’t much of a game.  The web app is more about displaying interesting data:

Number Sense Graph

Here’s the game:  using each of the four digits at the top once, your goal is to construct an expression that evaluates to an integer between 1 and 20 via any combination of basic math operators.  So, for example, given the digits 1 2 3 4, one possible expression that evaluates to 9 is: 4 * (2 + 1) – 3.

This is based on a game that Magoosh recommends its students play as they study for the GMAT/GRE in order to strengthen their math instincts.  It seemed like a fun puzzle to solve, so I worked on it and found the results to be pretty interesting!

The program calculates all the possible solutions for each integer using the four digits, displays the total number of them in a bar graph (plus, it’s animated!), and you can also see a list of all the solutions when you click on any of the bars.  Give it a try here: Number Sense!



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