Good Games Buried Deep #2 – Rotate Zen Journey

This next one is an all-around great game: Rotate – Zen Journey (by Lemon Jam Studio). It’s rare nowadays that I take the time to go back and perfect levels, but I eagerly did that with this one.

Rotate Zen Journey Red

Simple instructions for a very deep and complete game.


Quick description:

Shoot the yellow diamond from rotating bubble to rotating bubble, collecting dots along the way. Think fast before your bubble disappears or spins you off the screen. Time your shots well in order to perfect a level.

Why this game is worth playing:

The design. The developer made a lot of great choices in making this game really fun:

1. Forced to act: The game could give you an infinite amount of time to spin around on a bubble, letting you carefully plan and prepare your next shot. Instead, you’re faced with two additional challenges: bubbles disappear after a few full rotations and the rotation of some bubbles takes you offscreen. In both of these situations, you die. To finish a level, you must thus think fast and act quickly. Furthermore, you’ll have only a limited opportunity to backtrack to a disappearing bubble to pick up any dots you may have missed.

Rotate Zen Journey Disappearing Bubbles

Take note of the fading bubbles.  Think you’ve got enough time to safely navigate back to that missed dot?

2. Speed of rotation: A lot of the bubbles rotate at different speeds. I can’t stress enough how exciting this makes the game. You’ve successfully navigated a stream of fast bubbles. You’ve somehow collected all the dots, too. You are so close to perfection. But now you’ve landed on a bubble that’s spinning at half speed. Do you have the patience to successfully time your next shot? Or have you already twitched and misfired?

3. Balance of difficulty: You don’t have to be all that accurate with your shots to safely leap from bubble to bubble. This is great for users who just want to finish levels. But if you want to collect all of the dots, you have a much smaller window to hit. And based on the two factors discussed above, this becomes all the more intense.

Rotate Zen Journey Yellow

Oh, and those bubbles that look like buzzsaws? Yeah, they kill you instantly.

Some advice:

Perfect the levels. This is where Rotate – Zen Journey really shines. The game is already fun, but trying to ace a level is incredibly fun. And quite challenging.

A heads-up:

I’m not sure it’s possible to ace Level 16 in the Red (first) World. It seems like the first bubble rotates in the wrong direction, making it impossible to collect that first dot and stay alive. However, if anybody has found a solution, please let me know. I’d be interested in how you did it.

Other goodies:

The abstract look and feel of this game works really well, as do the colors.

Rotate Zen Journey Purple

A very fun and challenging game to master.

Try it out:

Highly recommended! Rotate – Zen Journey (by Lemon Jam Studio) is available for free on iOS.


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