Good Games Buried Deep

Your App Lost in a Sea of Trash

It’s time to go digging for shinies! (Original via)

As part of a new approach that I can only assume will soon join the ranks of my other “Failed App Marketing Strategies”, I’ve been hanging out on the Touch Arcade forums in the hopes of attracting a little more attention to my games.  Regardless of whether or not that comes to fruition, I still think it’s been a good use of time.  The forums have been far more interesting and enlightening (and even fun!) than I thought they’d be.

One of the things I’ve been doing is going through the New Game threads looking for games that haven’t gotten many replies or views.  Yes, some of those games are low quality (whether first programming attempts or just poorly tested).  Some of them are major fixer-uppers.  But some are actually really interesting and deserve more attention than they’re getting.  And those are the games I’d like to highlight in a new series of posts.

So, without further ado, it’s time to write some articles that no one will ever read about some games that no one will ever play… which is too bad because these games are definitely worth a try and have a lot of potential.



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2 responses to “Good Games Buried Deep

  1. Simple Simon

    Looking forward to these articles. Seems like a great way to see what games I’ve missed.


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