Top Card Game Apps of 2015

Even though it’s early in the year, it’s safe to assume that the two apps listed below will be topping the charts for Best Card Game Apps of 2015.  Both apps are developed by ThumbSnail Studios, and both are available for iOS and Android.  Enjoy!

    Super Sevens
Download Super Sevens on the App Store
Super Sevens was the underdog smash hit of the year.  With so many different game types and options, it comes quite close to legally being able to declare that it is endless fun.



   Simple Sevens

Download Simple Sevens for Android on the Amazon Appstore
Simple Sevens is the free “lite” version of the above game.  While not as action-packed as its brother Super Sevens, it’s nice to be able to try out the controls and confirm for yourself that it indeed plays smoothly.


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