Simple Sevens for Android Exclusively on the Amazon Appstore

First of all, for those who happened to look at Simple Seven’s Amazon page the first day it went live… Simple Sevens is definitely NOT rated “Mature”.  That was some weird glitch that has since been fixed.  I mean, yes, the seven of diamonds logo is sexy, but it ain’t that sexy.  Anyways…

Simple Sevens by Jeffrey Derrenberger (ThumbSnail Studios) is now available for Android exclusively at the Amazon Appstore for free!

Download Simple Sevens for Android on the Amazon Appstore
Simple Sevens is the classic version of the card game “Sevens”, a card game particularly great for kids.  But Simple Sevens can be fun for adults, too.  Play against The Friendly for a relaxing game, or take on The Merciless for more of a challenge.

Simple Sevens Players
Simple Sevens can also be thought of as the Lite version of Super Sevens.  In fact, there’s even an Easter Egg in Simple Sevens where you can try out one of the game types from Super Sevens.  Click on the ThumbSnail on the Title Screen.  Then click on the ThumbSnail on the About Screen.  This will let you play a game with 6 suits, 5 players, and an 8 as the midpoint.  The AI type is randomly chosen to be Casual or higher.

Simple Sevens End Game
Simple Sevens requires at least Android 2.3.3.

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