Super Sevens Dealt onto the App Store

Super Sevens by Jeffrey Derrenberger (ThumbSnail Studios) is now available for download on the App Store for $1.99!

Download Super Sevens on the App Store
“Sevens” was my absolute favorite card game as a kid.  Whether grandparent or parent or aunt or uncle or ambushed mail delivery person, I wanted you to join me in a game of “Sevens”.  It was a fun and simple game that was nonetheless very exciting for a young child.

Super Sevens not only includes that classic card game but also expands on it by offering a vast array of choices and challenges:

-Play with up to 10 different suits

Super Sevens - 10 Different, Colorful Suits
-Play against 7 unique computer opponents:

The Giver
The Friendly
The Sincere
The Casual
The Determined
The Obnoxious
The Merciless

-Use a double deck to face a completely different strategy:

Super Sevens - Double Deck
-Fully customize your game type (or opt for a random selection!):

Number of Suits:  2 – 10
Midpoint Card:  2 – 10
Number of Players:  2 – 10

-Perhaps you can defeat The Merciless in a single game.  But can you outlast them for several rounds of Hearts-Style Sevens?

Super Sevens - Hearts-Style Mode

Requires at least iOS 5.1.1; thus, Super Sevens runs on any iPad, any iPhone 3GS or newer, and any 3rd generation iPod Touch or newer

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