Number Sense Game

I programmed a new game recently!  And it’s even more fun than Pokemon Go!  Well, okay, fine, it’s only sort of a game.  It ultimately requires you to do mental math, so the web app itself isn’t much of a game.  The web app is more about displaying interesting data:

Number Sense Graph

Here’s the game:  using each of the four digits at the top once, your goal is to construct an expression that evaluates to an integer between 1 and 20 via any combination of basic math operators.  So, for example, given the digits 1 2 3 4, one possible expression that evaluates to 9 is: 4 * (2 + 1) – 3.

This is based on a game that Magoosh recommends its students play as they study for the GMAT/GRE in order to strengthen their math instincts.  It seemed like a fun puzzle to solve, so I worked on it and found the results to be pretty interesting!

The program calculates all the possible solutions for each integer using the four digits, displays the total number of them in a bar graph (plus, it’s animated!), and you can also see a list of all the solutions when you click on any of the bars.  Give it a try here: Number Sense!


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Tic Tac Tie

I can’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but I’ve been going through FreeCodeCamp’s curriculum as well.  I just finished a JavaScript Tic Tac Tie (because the AI should never lose, only win or tie) game.   And since it’s a game, I thought I’d post it here.  Give it a try!

TicTacTieThis turned out to be a far more interesting challenge than what I had first imagined.  If you’d like to learn more than you ever cared to know about Tic Tac Toe, I’d recommend these links:

I didn’t use the Minimax algorithm for my game.  (Hahaha, and… maybe that would’ve been easier in the long run!)  However, my computer opponent should be good enough to never lose.

(But if you beat him, please let me know.  Because then the game shouldn’t be named Tic Tac Tie!!!)

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Frogger Clone for Udacity Nanodegree

I’ve been working through the Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree over at Udacity.  I’ve learned a lot so far and have enjoyed it quite a bit.  I just finished the project where you need to make a JavaScript arcade game like the old classic Frogger.

Frogger clone

…Maybe I don’t want to go swimming today.

It felt great to be coding a game once again.  It felt even better to be coding a game where I didn’t have to design any of the artwork!!!  (Seriously, a huge thank you to whomever designed all the assets over at Udacity.)

You can try it out here!

I added some twists to the gameplay in the form of gems.  Different status effects occur based on the color of the gem you collect.  The game also gets harder (more enemies) the higher your score gets.


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Final Week for iOS Super Sevens and Super Hearts

This week (and a half!) is the last chance to get Super Sevens or Super Hearts for iOS.  I obviously will not be renewing my Apple developer account, so my apps will be removed from the App Store soon.

It’s also the last chance to try Climby Charts on your iPhone or iPad.  So please hurry and download it… 10 million times… or it will truly be lost in the app heap forever!

For Android users, all three of my games will remain on Amazon since there’s no annual fee over there.

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It’s a Dark Day for ThumbSnail Studios…

I’m sure you’ve already heard the amazing news about ThumbSnail Studios and how it finally broke even and met its goal of being profitable enough to purchase one Safeway Select Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza (estimated retail value: $3.49 – $3.99).


In what can only be the saddest development of all-time, it appears that Safeway has discontinued the greatest frozen pizza ever made.  Now, it’s possible that my local Safeway store has just stopped carrying it.  But… since I’ve, uh, checked at three different locations that are rather far apart, I fear for the worst.

Thus, my one and only goal will never truly be achieved…

My only hope now is that ThumbSnail Studios becomes profitable enough to afford a time machine so that I can go back in time and buy my favorite pizza.  That, however, seems too lofty a goal because I probably wouldn’t have $4 remaining after purchasing the time machine.  Therfore, the better course of action would be to go back in time and stop myself from becoming a developer in the first place.

The moral of this story is:

If there’s a frozen pizza that you like, do not become an app developer through Apple because the ~$110 in fees could instead be used to stock up on ~30 pizzas, thereby eliminating the future need to create a time machine.


But, in all seriousness, a big thank you to everyone who has bought one of my games!  I loved making them, and I hope you love playing them.

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It’s a Glorious Day for ThumbSnail Studios!

Yes, that’s right, the unachieveable has been achieved, the impossible made possible.

Not only did ThumbSnail Studios just break even, ThumbSnail Studios is in the green.

What’s even more impressive is that if I:

-ignore my own purchase of my own game on Amazon through the use of Bing dollars
-ignore my own purchase of my own game on Amazon with Amazon coins
-ignore my own purchase of my own game on iTunes with leftover iTunes cash

ThumbSnail Studios is STILL IN THE GREEN.

Thus, my one goal has been reached!!!  Not only was I finally able to cover Apple’s developer fees, I actually have enough extra to buy one Safeway Select Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza.  (Even if it’s not on sale this week!)

A sincere “Thank you” goes out to everyone who has bought and played one of my games.  I really hope you’ve enjoyed them.

It truly is a glorious day!


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I’ve Been Writing Game Reviews

If anybody’s interested, I’ve been writing reviews over at for a while now.  It’s similar to the Good Games Buried Deep series I did on this blog, but it’s geared more towards games that are (or were) popular.

Here are some quick highlights:

1. Walking Dead: The Game – Season 2 is the most gripping game I’ve played in a long time.

2. Plants vs. Zombies 2 received a lot of unnecessary hate.  I think it’s even better than the original.

3. Madden NFL Mobile has been consuming my life.

4. FTL: Faster Than Light is soooooo worth the $10.

5. Skyriders might just be my favorite iPad game.  It’s an older one, but it’s really fun and really challenging.  Plus, it was pretty much made by one guy!!!

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